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Holistic health. Transformation. Joy.

I’m Here To Help You.

The one thing I wish I had when healing from my traumatic brain injury and resulting relationship, work, and life struggles was someone to point me in the right direction. Someone to help me understand the changes I was experiencing, the challenges I was facing, and figure out what to do to feel better.  I will be that person for you! Your dedicated coach & cheerleader, supporting you every step of the way. Together we can navigate a successful path to healing from brain injury, trauma, or life’s other myriad of ups & downs. 

Humans are not meant to figure out life alone. If you feel stuck and could use support, book a free consultation and let’s talk! Together we will determine whether Life Coaching, Brainspotting and/or Attachment therapy sessions are the best fit for you.

I work virtually–no matter your location!

Hi! I’m Danielle

I spent years working to figure out what it meant to “take good care of myself” and to love myself the way I am. While healing from a mild traumatic brain injury, I earned a Masters and Doctorate in Spiritual Science/Counseling.  I went on to create a coaching program to help others healing from traumatic brain injuries and/or PTSD.

My own intense life experiences + relationship challenges also led me to Brainspotting and Relationship Attachment Theory. I am now trained in both and am a fully Certified Brainspotting Therapist. 

I use a combination of these modalities–Brainspotting, Life Coaching, Attachment Therapy and Mindfulness techniques to help my clients navigate the ups & downs of life. This includes brain injury/concussion recovery, PTSD, childhood & adult trauma, grief, health challenges, anxiety/depression, career & professional development, relationships, spirituality, or just feeling stuck in life. 

It is my mission to assist you during some of life’s biggest challenges by helping you find your way through the fog and opening your eyes, mind, body and heart to new, expansive ways of living and THRIVING!

I provide BRAINSPOTTING THERAPY AS A STAND-ALONE, OR IN combINATION WITH Holistic, Spiritual, & Transitional Life Coaching & Attachment Therapy.

Brainspotting – a powerful—yet gentle tool that quickly helps to locate, process and overcome any trauma, negative thoughts, emotions, pain. There is increasing evidence that trauma is stored in the body and can alter the way the brain works. Trauma can adversely affect our emotions, memory, and physical health. Brainspotting encourages and stimulates the body and brain’s innate ability to heal itself. 

Holistic Health Coaching – restore and improve mind-body-spirit connection and balance.

Spiritual Coaching – understanding your life’s purpose and connecting to your soul. Transforming struggles into successes and joy.

Transitional Coaching – help dealing with big life changes; including career, relationship, loss/grief. Setting realistic goals while coping with the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual challenges that arise.

Attachment Therapyattaining deeper connection, meaning, passion and joy in adult relationships by understanding + healing early attachment wounds.



  • Those who have experienced either physical or emotional challenges and/or trauma including:
  • Traumatic brain injuries 
  • Car accidents
  • Combat stress
  • Loss of a loved one
  • PTSD
  • Breakups, divorce or infidelity
  • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.
  • Covid-19 related isolation/loss/trauma
  • Life changes, school/work challenges and everyday stressors

Brainspotting is incredibly versatile and goes deeper than traditional talk therapy to help you work through anything life throws your way. It has proven effective in treating anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship challenges and emotional pain, mind/body issues, attention issues, physical pain including migraines and chronic pain, chronic illness, chronic fatigue, and sports performance issues.

The ways Brainspotting can rewire, rebalance, and heal the brain and body are truly endless!

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Session Offerings

Peace of Mind

60 minute session: Brainspotting,        Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling or Attachment Therapy.

Feel fully supported while working through any issue.

Restore mind-body-spirit connection.




3 months of focused 1:1 support, cheering, and healing! 

(10) 60-minute sessions include Personalized Coaching, Brainspotting, and Energy Work to help you: 

  • Finding your way and living with more clarity, joy, and abundance.
  • Reclaiming your strength, purpose, & spark. Going from surviving to thriving in your life!
  • Setting clear intentions for relationships, work and health.
  • Individualized mapping for your recovery, work, relationships, and/or life path.
  • Brainspotting and Attachment therapy to clear blocks, release trauma, reduce symptoms, increase healing. 
  • Techniques and expansion tools to navigate, understanding and succeed in your life & healing journey. 
  • Access to me between sessions for questions, support and follow-up.



*must be used w/in 4 months of purchase


(An easy way to try) Life Coaching + Brainspotting for 1 month: 

  • (4) 60-minute sessions including Brainspotting, Attachment therapy, Energy work, and personalized 1:1 Life Coaching.
  • Healing Affirmation Meditations
  • Restore brain-body rebalance.
  • Set goals for your healing journey.
  • Work through life changes in a supportive, uplifting and attainable framework.
  • Weekly access and support from me as your coach.


*must be used w/in 2 months of purchase

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact me at and together we can customize a package that fits your needs.

Feel at Peace


What they are saying / Testimonials:


I was lucky enough to meet Danielle in a time of a difficult life transition, not only losing my Mom from breast cancer but also going through a divorce. Danielle always created a safe space full of compassion and empathy. Her caring approach made it easy to open up and talk about struggles, doubts and fears. Danielle listened intently, provided insight and asked challenging questions that really helped me find new ways of thinking. She recognized my inner strengths and encouraged me at a time when I couldn’t see it myself. As my circumstances and goals have changed over time, Danielle continues to support me by reminding me to go after the life I want and am worthy of as I rebuild myself and create a new, healthy relationship.

Janet W.

Danielle gives me the personal support, tools, and information I need to prioritize what is most important so I can focus on my healing while continuing to work and grow my business.


Danielle was an amazing coach, cheerleader, and support for me when I decided to go for a job that seemed out of reach.

She worked with me every step of the way–from helping me tap into a deeper sense of purpose and hope, to building enough self confidence to apply for a big career move. With her encouragement and knowledge, I not only became much more aware of my strengths, but was then able to highlight them in a way that demonstrated my competence in the position I was applying for. It had been eight years since my last job interview, so Danielle designed questions for me to practice and worked with me to clarify and craft my responses. But more than any of the details, Danielle helped me believe in myself, see my potential, and go for what I truly wanted in my life.

Oh, and I got the job!


Brainspotting is an exquisite process! Thank you Danielle for another great session.


Danielle is so easy to work with. She does a great job of providing a safe environment. I love the work that she does and I have had incredible results!


Danielle has a warm and inviting energy that allows me to feel comfortable in lowering my guard while working with her. She creates a supportive space for me to process my thoughts and emotions. I began my time with her feeling anxious, but by the end of our first session, I felt grounded and my energy had been transformed into a motivation to move forward. Danielle is truly gifted in attuning to her client’s needs and sharing her healing energy. I would highly recommend Danielle’s practice to anyone who is looking for support, compassion, and strategies for well-being.

Brittney W.